DAO Compliance, Simplified

With a global contributor base and ever changing political winds, DAOs can't risk paying someone who is sanctioned. Enter SafeSend.


SafeSend ensures your DAO won't face an existential risk because it paid a sanctioned contributor.
Regulators and law enforcement agencies are increasingly directing their attention to the crypto space.

Zero Knowledge (Kinda)

DAOs don't need to know every detail about their contributors but they do need to know they aren't sanctioned. Short of a legal requirement, we'll never share any identifiable data with anyone, even the DAOs who use SafeSend.

Simple Implementation

All a DAO needs to do is see if a wallet holds a SafeSend token before issuing a payment. No code, no high fees for verification software, no need to build databases to protect all that identifiable data. Just check and send.

One more badge, dramatically less risk

SafeSend is powered by Otterspace, an Optimism-based platform that makes it super easy for DAOs to create badges to represent membership, achievements, roles, levels, skills, participation or pretty much anything else you can think of

Contributors kick off their SafeSend mint through a simple checkout
They get sent to our verification tool which takes less than two minutes to complete
Once we confirm contributors and their wallets are not sanctioned, we manually add the wallet to our mint list for claiming

Have Questions?

Hit us up at team@letsvault.xyz or through our chatbot!